It will either be delicious or inedible! It all depends on if I converted my Fahrenheit recipe to Celsius correctly! This might be a disaster. I did burn the crust a wee little bit. But damn it, THERE WILL BE PUMPKIN PIE.

Also, can someone please explain the wide variety of creams available here in the UK? At home, we have half-and-half (half cream and half whole milk), and heavy whipping cream and that's it. Here, there's an entire dairy case dedicated to cream alone. There's single cream. There's double cream. There's pouring cream. There's clotted cream. There's extra thick creams. There's creme fraiche. There's 12 other kinds whose names I can't recall. I bought single cream. Will it whip? Or should I just pour it over slices of pie when serving? I gotta say, California is a dairy state, and we have lots and lots of great dairies and dairy products, but we ain't got NOTHING on the Brits! As a woman who loves dairy, I could get used to this.