Attorney files for ballot initiative seeking to have all gays executed

In California, no less. I know, it's Orange County, but WAHT. » 3/03/15 12:29pm 3/03/15 12:29pm

In which napsauce bitches about grad school.

I hate it. I hate it I hate it I hate it. I've been doing this for FOUR YEARS. I have at best one and a half more years to go, but it's looking like two years, because I am not going to pass this directed study class. And it's for my thesis work. » 11/06/14 12:02am 11/06/14 12:02am


A friend of mine, who is a mental health professional, wrote and posted this on Facebook today: what it actually takes to get someone admitted under a 5150, or an involuntary psychiatric hold. It's pretty intense, but worth reading, if only to highlight the state of mental health care in this country, and California… » 8/16/14 1:29pm 8/16/14 1:29pm

In supplication I address you

Oh Great Groupthink, I come to you again in my need. As you are the fount of all wisdom and knowledge, and also that you have strong stomachs, I humbly beseech you for an opinion on Gross Things. » 7/21/14 3:45pm 7/21/14 3:45pm

My favorite headline of the day: "Stolen cheese mobiles are found."

First of all, I think they mean "cheesemobiles." Second, I want a cheesemobile. Third, there are, like, 16 separate images of the cheesmobiles in the little article. (Why so many? Who knows? But they are DAMN CUTE.) Fourth, who steals cheesemobiles? And then hides them in a storage locker? I'd be out cruising in 'em.… » 7/15/14 6:29pm 7/15/14 6:29pm

I'm procrastinating!

I really shouldn't be. But for you lace knitters out there, or for those who saw my post about knitting lace collars for Justice Ginsburg (as a high-five for her awesome dissent), here's an old pattern I just charted out. » 7/01/14 2:04am 7/01/14 2:04am

I charted a lace collar pattern*

I haven't tested it yet, and you'll need some familiarity with lace knitting to read my somewhat cryptic instructions (sorry, I was translating from an ooooold pattern), but it's a lovely little thing. If you have questions, or want more info, please don't be shy about asking. » 7/01/14 2:01am 7/01/14 2:01am

Down with Hobby Lobby, up with Justice Ginsburg!

I started a Facebook group, "Collars for Ruth." She always wears such fancy lace collars! To show Justice Ginsburg our gratitude for her dissenting opinion on the Hobby Lobby case, I propose we make and send her lace collars with materials NOT purchased from Hobby Lobby. » 6/30/14 7:22pm 6/30/14 7:22pm

I do not wish to adult, please.

I have laundry to do, bills to pay, a whole apartment to pack, homework for my summer class, as well as my actual full time job, and I don't wanna do aaaaannnnyyyy of it. Nope. Not even a little. My motivation is zilch. Zip. Nicht. Naaadaaaa. » 6/24/14 7:24pm 6/24/14 7:24pm

Vintage Knitting patterns

If you like vintage patterns, hoo-boy, have I got the site for you. You have got to check these out. For your viewing pleasure, I am including a few of my favorites below. Some are wonderful, some are bat-shit insane. » 6/16/14 8:03pm 6/16/14 8:03pm

I've been designing socks.

And here's the first one! I had to rip a fair bit, and redesign, and reknit, but all in all I'm quite pleased. If you notice the green yarn running through, that's a lifeline. I made these for someone else, and if I need to rip out and reknit the toe after he tries them on, I wanted to make it easy on myself to pick… » 6/13/14 3:42am 6/13/14 3:42am

Adventures with Genghis Khant

We made soda bread. We ate soda bread, generously buttered. We drank whiskey (and whisky). We listened to Massive Attack. We ordered Spoonrocket. We made terrible noises on a concertina. » 5/21/14 7:58pm 5/21/14 7:58pm

Are we fiction? Let's play a game.

In thinking about the whole Raffey fooferaw, and all it implies, I can't help but wonder about the line between fiction and reality on the internet. In some sense, we are all posting fictional accounts of ourselves, although maybe not to the extent that Raffey seems to have ... or maybe more. » 5/20/14 7:59pm 5/20/14 7:59pm

Tomorrow is my first day off in 15 weeks

What with grad school and my full time job, there was never a day that I didn't have to work on SOMETHING. Now that the semester is over, though*, I actually have a day where I don't HAVE to do anything! » 5/16/14 8:10pm 5/16/14 8:10pm